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On Trend: Paper Fans

I recently read an article about balloon trends and paper fans being on trend. Was there ever a time when paper and balloons were not featured together. As far back as I can remember I have memories of tissue paper being twisted across the ceiling with balloons stuck together in whatever way seemed appropriate or possible. It seemed to have that feeling of immediately making whoever’s occasion it was, be it adult or child, feel special. Words like Congratulations, Bon Voyage, Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary and of course Happy Birthday come to mind. I can picture Mum on the step stool doing her all to make the day perfect, whatever that occasion was. It was most likely whilst myself and my siblings we were trudging home from school both ways up the often snow ploughed hill.

Fashions change and the odd streamer may still appear on occasion. Now the simple twist of tissue across the room doesn’t seem enough. Today the paper is being twisted, bent, folded and moulded as much as the balloons. Paper fans are on trend but so are the big paper palms in their rawest form. Skip the paper factory, these fans haven’t come from that warehouse.

Drying out palm leaves and mixing them with the balloons and pampas grass make delightful displays. I love this from an economic and environmental point of view as well. Just last week I saw an ad on Facebook where the person was selling palm leaves that they’d cut from their yard. This can apply well with muted natural colours and could be mixed for instance with double stuffed bespoke balloons and the likes of pampas grass. Now the challenge will be what paper can we recycle or upcycle to twist and fold into a Boho faux palm or paper fan. I don’t think this trend is going away anytime soon and I suspect it will get bigger and bigger.

I recently met woman named Belinda Brown who owns @Sci.ssorspaperflower company. She makes these fans incorporating dried fruit and homemade makes clay beads. Her artwork really caught my eye and I think it’s amazing. It may be something I look to incorporate into our mosaics at a later time.

All this talk about paper, the real hero will always be the balloons, but many artists will be chasing or designing the next trend which will always be second fiddle to the balloons.

Photo by Sue Bowler

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