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About Us

 Sydney Balloon Mosaics was started as an artistic outlet during our lock down period in Sydney.    Balloon art is constantly changing and the one of the newer trends is Mosaics.  Mosaics were getting pinned at record speed but there were very few people who were making them here in Australia.


  After making a ‘Number 21’ mosaic for my daughters 21st and receiving a lot of compliments on it, I realised that this may be something I could pursue on a more permanent basis. 


After doing hundreds of hours of research into the art of balloon mosaics, I then continued this research into sourcing the raw materials, frameworks and of course balloons to get started. 

Several lockdowns later I had a full inventory of mosaics.  I love drawing the characters planning and creating with the foam board as much as I enjoy the finishing with the balloons or maybe it’s the add-ons of fresh flowers, sparkling sprigs or customizing the balloons with a name.  

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