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What Makes a Party Memorable?

It's all about balloons! We all love that moment of walking into a party space and seeing it for the first time. When that moment produces an “awe” response you know that the host has got it right! The eye begins taking it all in and the mood is set for a great part/event. The guests begin transitioning to fun mode. That’s the goal, right? We want our guests to be transported for a few hours from the daily grind to celebration mode. Here are a few ideas to make your next party a memorable one. Balloons rule!

Colour – The colour of the balloons can really set a mood so choose those particular colours wisely and always ask for advice if you’re not sure. If you’re looking for a laid-back style party where guests can chat and unwind use muted colours in your balloon installation. For a teenager’s party consider bright colours especially those favourites of the guest of honour. When it comes to baby showers, while pink and blue are traditionally used, why not try variations of those colours as well. Gradient shades make a particular statement. Remember Balloons rule!

Music – Creating a great playlist for your next party will set the mood for party that people will remember. This will obviously depend on the age group of the guests. For a younger party they’ll know what they want to hear. For an older crowd why not search out the one hit wonders from their era ( dare I say “99 Luft Baloons”) and invite those guests down memory lane with songs you may not hear every day. Chances are your guests will start singing along and reminiscing. When it comes to music at a party, watch the volume. If your guests are leaning in and shouting into each other’s ears, it’s too loud. Always create a spot for those who want to chat to be able to get away from the music.

Lighting – Lighting a party space is key to setting the mood. Don’t just think about ceiling lights and your balloon installation. Lighting is a very easy way to create great shadows and illuminates the balloons for a whole different look. You can also use the added feature of twinkle lights inside balloons for a great table centrepiece.

Seating – It seems obvious but often, especially at cocktail events, the guests outnumber the available seating. Make sure you supply enough chairs for every guest at your party. If it is casual, put cushions down around a pool or throw blankets on the lawn. Create seating areas for quiet talks, or party games. If you are renting seating for a formal event, make sure the chairs are comfortable and sturdy. Using balloons can break the up the space.

Something Special – It’s fun to come across something unexpected at a party. Balloon Mosaics are a great way to create a certain theme, mood and fun. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to balloon mosaics and garlands. Examples include the obvious age numbers for birthday parties but for the younger children that may also include a cute animal, a unicorn, a dinosaur or even a cartoon character. What kid doesn't like a balloon or that one left over balloon that takes up a day with a game of "Keepy Uppy".

For the rest of us nothing says it like a cocktail glass or champagne bottle as well a garland to match complete with ribbons, flowers, natives or whatever takes your fancy!

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